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String Breaker is a 3 piece hard rock/alternative/grunge band from Pittsburgh.  They have a wide variety of influences.  In addition to their 16 original songs, the diverse list of bands that they cover includes Nirvana, Dick Dale, the Misfits, the Beastie Boys, the Rolling Stones, and the Violent Femmes.  They have played with many kinds of bands, from metal, to classic rock, to punk, and even country, and have received positive responses from all audiences.

The band name was decided on after their first live performance at an open stage show.  They had no band name at the time.  John broke 3 guitar strings in only 4 songs.  John now uses lighter gauged picks and changes strings before every show, so string breaking is a rare occurrence, but the band name stuck.

String Breaker is John Fletcher on guitar and vocals, Patrick Fawcett on drums, and Adam Krayvo on bass.

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